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Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage Center is the preferred choice for professional therapeutic massage in Monmouth County, NJ. Our team of experts has years of experience in a number of massage techniques that soothe stressed-out muscles, restore balance, reduce tension, and promote healing during medical treatments.

Therapeutic massage is usually covered under health insurance plans. Rest assured we employ a team of individuals who understand the insurance industry. We willingly work with insurance agents, providers, and medical care providers to make certain every client receives the benefits promised. We know the terminology, claims processing, and other specialized areas that many find confusing.

Almost nothing beats receiving one of our professional scalp massages that enhance hair growth, scalp circulation and health, plus energy levels. Our massage focuses on the neck, head, and shoulders. It provides many more benefits than the standardized five-minute massage included in a traditional shampoo treatment.

A well-done scalp massage instantly improves mental outlook and gives individuals a new spin on life by coaxing muscles along the occipital skull area. When combined with our cranio sacral treatment, the benefits simply cannot be beat! Just ask many of our clients who receive an almost instantaneous improvement in range of motion!

Reflexology is the natural healing modality that focuses on applying pressure to spots on the feet that connect to problem body areas. Our experts know how to reduce pain and improve functioning that impresses and amazes.

The professionals at Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage Center are eagerly waiting to hear from people in the Monmouth County, NJ area interested in regaining health. Schedule a free consultation today!

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